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Engage TV

Engage TV

Engage TV

By Vibe Health by eVideon

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Vibe Health Engage leverages the Smart TV to educate, entertain, and engage patients and families throughout their stay.

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EHR integration


Acute care EMR

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Epic, Cerner, Meditech, Other, Allscripts

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Patients and family can leverage Vibe Health Engage to learn about their diagnosis, what to expect during their hospital stay, and how to care for themselves after discharge. They can also use the platform to interact with their care team and hospital staff with interactive surveys, condition-specific education, digital service requests, meal ordering, communication tools, and entertainment/relaxation. 

Engage can greet patients by their preferred name as they enter their room while customized calming content plays, setting the tone for a stay that’s as relaxing and restful as possible with personal touches. Engage helps communicate that patients are recognized not just as patients, but as people. 

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Use cases

Patients use the system while in the hospital to communicate with the care team, watch movies on demand and HDTV, request items and services they need, order their meals, learn about their conditions and treatments, and more.
COVID-19 use cases:
eVideon’s Patient Experience Platform provides education, entertainment, and virtual engagement. EHR integration ensures real time, highly customized content. Features that can help during the COVID-19 pandemic include: Automated, tailored education (for example, pediatric-friendly COVID-19 content to pediatric patients, hand washing reminders, information from the CDC). Content is tailored to each patient’s demographics, and language. Instant triggers via RTLS. The system can display notifications (for example, if a clinician enters the room, the TV displays a hand washing reminder). RTLS integration can also track and report staff entries into patient rooms so hospital leaders have real-time data about potential exposures. Interactive surveys with branch logic can help patients provide feedback (without human contact) and report any hand hygiene breaches. Digital meal ordering eliminates the need to pass around paper menus between patients and staff, reducing the amount of potential infection sources. This also eliminates any human “middlemen” taking orders and risking exposure. Menus are patient-specific and only display items available based on each patient’s diet orders. Service/item requests decrease human-to-human contact while helping patients get the care, services, and items they need. Patients can request items (blanket, water, etc.), reducing the number of personnel that need to come in and out of the patient room. Live streaming for distraction therapy or education. For example, one of our partners live streams an aquarium for their pediatric patients. We can display a feed from anywhere a camera can go. Our VA partners also display the Veteran News Network to show Veteran-specific content. Distraction therapy in the form of movies on demand, HDTV, and patients’ own streaming services keep patients relaxed. Relaxation content and sleep aids help patients feel at ease. Even simple solutions like a fan sound while patients sleep can help calm the environment.
Pediatric use cases:
Pediatric-specific interfaces are available, displaying age-appropriate education content, surveys, and entertainment.
People who are inpatient and hospital staff (clinicians and administrators) can view reports and dashboards to improve patient experience

Differentiators vs EHR Functionality:

Engage can integrate fully with your EMR and ADT systems. That means patient education can be automatically assigned based on admission triggers (data such as floor, unit or diagnosis). It can be assigned manually by clinical staff or assigned directly from within your EMR and documented back into the EMR.

Differentiators vs Competitors:

Engage provides a personalized interface to deliver a high-touch patient experience.

eVideon’s open API’s bring all your systems together.

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Founded in 2001

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