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MediaCARE offers patient-specific education easily accessed at any time through the in-room television. Selection is obtained from an extensive library of evidence-based, age-appropriate content assigned on admission, by physician orders and diagnoses code. Our educational app is consistent with Joint Commission Standards and meets Meaningful Use objectives for patient education resources. Clinicians have full flexibility to make appropriate changes, adding or deleting videos for the patient to view. If a clinician determines that additional or different content should be delivered, the agility of MediaCARE makes this easy. The system is designed to monitor and track the exact viewing and understanding of the educational content. Once the education has been completed MediaCARE will automatically notate the patient’s medical record.
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Patient Education

MediaCare offers personalized patient education through our devices and the patient TV. Our Interactive Patient Whiteboard and Interactive Unit Whiteboard allow clinicians and nurses to make changes on the fly, including adding or deleting videos for the patient to view or pushing a reminder to watch their videos. This flexibility ensures that patients always have access to the most relevant and helpful information.

  • Track and monitor content viewing and send reminders
  • Push content directly to the patient TV, even when the TV is off
  • Play welcome videos to make patient feel welcome and comfortable on arrival, then follow up with digital content that’s specific to their care and treatment
  • Prepare them for discharge with video programming designed to encourage positive post-stay behaviors
  • Make video education a condition for discharge to ensure patients are committed to their recovery – and reduce readmissions


Patients, Hospital Staff, Patients' Family/Friends


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The Care Team has access to the video content watched by their patients, which enables them to send timely reminders to complete their viewing. The MediaCare Dashboard also offers reporting on aggregated or individual content use.

With a centrally managed content system that includes digital video content, it’s possible to reduce costs by as much as 35-40% in total print volume. That can mean a ~30% reduction or more in toner and ink costs. That adds up, since a large hospital system prints as much as eight million pages per year at a cost of approximately $3.8 million.

Interactive, digital learning helps healthcare providers reduce unnecessary costs, saves staff time and reduces readmissions or sentinel events.

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Founded in 1970

Select which hospital or health system you work at and see a personalized match score.

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