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The MH-CURE Platform

The MH-CURE Platform

The MH-CURE Platform

By Mobile Heartbeat

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The leading clinical communication & collaboration platform. Mobile Heartbeat® uses secure smartphones to optimize clinical communication and collaboration. Our enterprise solutions streamline clinical workflows to accelerate decision-making, improve patient care and reduce costs.
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EHR integration


Acute care EMR, ADT, Other

EMR Integration & Relevant Hardware:

Recommended, but not required

EMRs Supported:

Epic, Cerner, Meditech, Allscripts

Hardware Compatibility:

Desktop, Mobile / Tablet (web optimized), Mobile / Tablet (native app)

In Epic App Orchard:


At Mobile Heartbeat, our vision is innovate, inspire and impact collaborative care and positive patient outcomes across the healthcare continuum. We are achieving this goal by increasing clinical and operational workflow velocity across the healthcare enterprise through enhanced communication.
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Use cases


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COVID-19 use cases:
Communication is more critical than ever as COVID-19 has increased the workload for our caregivers and operational staff. With this increase, your staff is responsible for greater patient load, and more noise and commotion in the areas to provide care. MH-CURE is a smartphone tool that unites your patient information (from the EMR/Nurse Call/3rd Party Systems) and care teams, providing staff with direct and immediate contact with others who can help them deliver care efficiently. In the palm of your hand, you have a tool that routes all necessary communication to the responsible person, streamlining the often excessive phone-tag.
Pediatric use cases:
MH-CURE is a clinical communications platform with no limitations for pediatrics, or any specialty.
Nursing CNA / Aide / Tech Providers Residents & Fellows Respiratory Therapists Phlebotomoy Case Management Social Worker Dietician / Clinical Nutrition Physical Therapy Speech Therapy Occupational Therapy Pharmacy Laboratory Radiology Nurse Administrators Supply Chain Maintenance / Facilities EVS / Housekeeping Food Services Transport / Courier Services Biomed / Clinical Engineering Staffing Office Security / Safety Pastoral Care Volunteers Patient Experience / Family Patient Flow / Admitting

Differentiators vs Internal Options:

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Differentiators vs Competitors:

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Company information

Founded in 2010

Select which hospital or health system you work at and see a personalized match score.

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