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ConvergeHEALTH Revenue Intellect

ConvergeHEALTH Revenue Intellect

ConvergeHEALTH Revenue Intellect

By ConvergeHEALTH

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Increase operating margins while improving clinical effectiveness and quality outcomes.
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Our Revenue Intellect™ solution is a cloud-based, guided-analytics platform that is designed to help maximize and sustain financial margin. Revenue Intellect enables users to Identify hidden or hard-to-find sources of revenue loss and access data, ranging from targeted analyses to free-form data exploration, to provide value to all levels of a health care provider's operational structure.
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Use cases

The healthcare industry is full of shifts and uncertainty. Reimbursement methods are moving from volume to value and Healthcare providers’ profit margins are leaking an average of over 8% annually. With disconnected data, ambiguous KPIs, and a rapidly changing regulatory and reimbursement landscape, identifying the source of revenue loss is becoming very challenging.
Revenue Cycle Teams

Differentiators vs EHR Functionality:
Revenue Intellect™ uses comparative and predictive data analytics powered by Deloitte Analytics to deliver: **Preventative denials analytics**: Compare financial performance across multiple metrics against benchmarks compiled from the entire Revenue Intellect client base. Compare current and past performance, while monitoring the effect of specific events. **Proactive underpayment avoidance**: Count on constant updates to the analytics and functionality available within the solution, based on evolution in the industry and advancements in technology. Our out-of-the-box targeted analytics solution is designed to answer needs specific to health care organizations like yours. **Continuous support**: Access to a dedicated, ongoing Deloitte revenue cycle expert to help with identifying insights within your data and working as a partner to improvement your initiatives.
Differentiators vs Competitors:
Competitors have a limited ability to easily harness and understand revenue cycle data to quickly and effectively make business decisions. They also have limitations of “Traditional Key Performance Indicators” and may not have the advance flexible analyses you need to understand the “why” behind a following trend. Revenue Intellect features and differentiators: * One-stop shop for managing revenue cycle performance * One-click navigation for discovering critical issues, prioritized for your decision making. * Automatically-generated insights on demand * Customized reporting and filters with account level drill-down capability * User-friendly Web interface accessible anytime, anywhere * Dedicated revenue cycle expert from Deloitte's Client Services team
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