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Medocity COVID-19 Digital Care App


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Real-time interactive App for easy set-up of COVID-19 screening and surveillance to keep your providers and patients safe and mitigate the impact of COVID-19
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In response to the expanding global threat, Medocity accelerated development of a targeted digital program with COVID-19 specific clinical protocols to: Aid in the early identification of possible COVID-19 cases in a population; Proactively push frequent, consistent, relevant communications and guidance personalized to each user; Allow for real-time active monitoring of individuals and reported symptoms; Facilitate timely escalation of care as changes in health status are noted; Track and report evolving COVID-19 related population health statistics and trends over time to ensure resources are appropriately deployed Medocity's COVID 19 app provides: · Education updated to the latest CDC recommendations · The ability for patients to track their symptoms and determine when to contact a healthcare provider · Specific tools for people who have been quarantined, with or without a conclusive diagnosis · Real-time connectivity to a clinical resource if desired · Secure, HIPAA compliant tele-health video calls, 2-way secure text messaging and calendar module for scheduling.
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Use cases


Medocity has deployed a targeted COVID-19 Digital Care App to help hospitals and clinics to conduct immediately virtual screening, remote symptom monitoring, vital signs tracking and proactive interventions as a means to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

COVID-19 use cases:

The Medocity COVID-19 App's data capture, alerting and reporting capabilities allow for a systematic view of users’ COVID-19 symptoms and status in real-time and by location. The goal is to apply this approach on a broad scale in the fight to stop the spread of the coronavirus. With hospitals and healthcare systems across the country racing to adapt, there is an urgent need for digital tools like this that take telehealth to the next level. As hospitals and doctors-offices become inaccessible, we now see that we have to move away from reliance on in-person patient visits and use digital solutions to shift to remote, cost-effective, large-scale population surveillance and targeted intervention that would otherwise be impossible to do.




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