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AccendoWave UV Mask Sterilization for Reuse & Mobile Phone UV Sanitization Technology

AccendoWave UV Mask Sterilization for Reuse & Mobile Phone UV Sanitization Technology

AccendoWave UV Mask Sterilization for Reuse & Mobile Phone UV Sanitization Technology

By AccendoWave

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Hospital grade UV sanitization for mask reuse and for mobile phones is necessary for health care workers combating COVID-19 as the virus is highly contagious and can live on surfaces for extended periods of time.
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AccendoWave UV Mask Sterilization for Reuse & Mobile Phone UV Sanitization Technology solves two urgent hospital problems at the same time. On demand UV sterilization of masks in 10 minutes or UV sanitization of mobile technology in 10 minutes - so hospital staff reduces virus exposure to themselves, their families, and our communities. The need for Mask UV sterilization has been highlighted by COVID-19 but AccendoWave had previously identified an under the radar infection control problem at hospitals - lack of general sanitization of their mobile technology. This includes: 1. Internal Tablet Computers 2. Internal Mobile Phones (Vocera, iMobile etc..) 3. Nurses Personal Mobile Technology 4. Patient and Family Mobile Phones Facilities can now moment by moment decide if they want to use each AccendoWave UV cart to sanitize masks for reuse or UV sanitize mobile technology (internal cell phones, physician cell phones, nurse/staff cell phones, patient cell phones). If the masks are hung in the cart compartments - they are sanitized in 10 minutes. So one cart with full utilization - can sanitize 108 masks or cell phones in an hour.

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Use cases


COVID-19: 1. UV-C sanitizing equipment should be used for cell phones in the hospital at least twice a day - at shift change in the morning and in the evening. UV-C sterilization of phones at shift change will reduce virus exposure going home to families and communities. 2. Mask UV-Sanitizing will be as needed by hospital staff. We have identified three hot spot departments (ED, L&D, ICU) - but the technology should really be in every department.

COVID-19 use cases:

We identified that our AccendoWave technology can not only UV sanitize mobile phones - but it can also be used to UV sanitize masks for reuse. We have partnered with the American Hospital Association to facilitate UV sanitizing cart donations to hospitals for this needed infection control technology.

Pediatric use cases:

Pediatric and PICU application for this UV sanitizing technology.


Nurses Physicians Staff


Differentiators vs Internal Options:
Currently - hospitals do not have the capability to UV sanitize their masks for reuse or UV sanitize internal mobile technology.
Differentiators vs Competitors:
AccendoWave provides hospital grade UV sanitizing technology on demand and in scale. Hospitals with one cart can UV sanitize 108 masks or cell phones in an hour. Battelle in Boston has announced an ability to sanitize 80,000 masks per day. We believe their technology and initiative validates the space. We could have done this as well, but the solution is 250K to build and 5K to ship. The cost to sanitize a mask for reuse using Battelle's technology is $3.25 to $3.50 per mask - nearly double the AccendoWave cost. Their technology is another way to solve the mask reuse issue - it is just a much more expensive solution.
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