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End-to-End Prior Authorization

End-to-End Prior Authorization

End-to-End Prior Authorization

By Olive

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Submit prior authorizations with confidence and prevent costly appeals by leveraging Olive’s automation and AI.

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Olive’s End-to-End Prior Authorization solution seamlessly connects to provider EHR systems, accelerates the prior authorization process, and empowers healthcare providers with an efficient prior authorization workflow management system, supplemented by automation and augmented by AI. Olive recommends a succinct clinical bundle to improve authorization approvals leading to increased revenue and patient throughput. Additionally, Olive includes comprehensive medical necessity criteria for tens of thousands of procedures to help you understand payer requirements and include better supporting clinical documentation, resulting in more first-pass prior auth approvals and reducing prior auth denials.

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Our AI-powered prior authorization solution maintains a national database of payer policies, streamlines the intake of health information, creates clinical packages, automatically completes payer forms, and tracks every prior authorization even after approval to make sure that if there is a change that could cause a denial, your staff is immediately notified.


End-to-End Prior Authorization is used by hospital systems' and specialty practices' revenue cycle teams across the country to automate the prior authorization process. The platform is seamlessly connected to the EHR to automatically prepare and track prior authorizations.


Differentiators vs EHR Functionality:

Through her use of automation and AI, Olive automates time-consuming, tedious and error-prone manual processes associated with prior authorization. In addition to significantly reducing the time associated with completing and submitting prior authorization requests, use of the End-to-End Prior Authorization solution will result in significantly reduced turnaround times, first-pass authorization denials, peer-to-peer reviews, claim denials and write-offs, while at the same time increasing throughput and revenue.

Differentiators vs Competitors:

Olive’s AI technology seamlessly connects to provider EHR systems, helps distribute the workload amongst staff and prioritize tasks, provides comprehensive medical necessity criteria for tens of thousands of procedures, and helps identify and submit clinical documentation from the EHR and your document management system to payers. Olive recommends a succinct clinical bundle to improve authorization approvals leading to increased revenue and patient throughput. Existing competitors rely on robotic process automation of a few steps of the prior authorization process (e.g. status checks, determining whether a prior auth is required, etc.), but the hard work of collecting clinical documentation, providing medical necessity rules, completing payer forms and submitting and monitoring prior authorizations remains manual. Some competitors offer manual outsourced services for prior authorization, but these services still rely on manual, human preparation and remain error prone and expensive.

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