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Acute Care Workflow Solution

Acute Care Workflow Solution

Acute Care Workflow Solution

By EmOpti

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Software that enables virtual teams to provide remote video consultations and collaborate with on site personnel to optimize care, decrease exposure risk and decrease costs in emergency departments and other acute care settings
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EHR integration


Acute care EMR

EMR Integration & Relevant Hardware:

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EMRs Supported:

Cerner, Epic, Meditech, Other

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EmOpti's turnkey solution includes proven robust, secure software that provides remote consult request routing and queue management, and virtual rounding capabilities across multiple use cases. With EMR integration and super-fast workflows EmOpti's solution supports care in high volume, complex environments. The solution is deployed with a variety of cost-effective hardware options, and has been proven to be implemented and used in patient care in as little as seven days. The EmOpti Telehealth Platform supports 20+ in-hospital use cases, all improving the profitability and quality of care for hospitals. *Emergency Medicine - Triage, Discharge, Rounding, Registration, Discharge Teaching, and more. *Hospital Medicine - Rounding, Oversight, Sitter, Discharge Planning, Interpreter, Specialist, and more. *Urgent Care - Triage, Oversight, Registration, Transfer Coordination, Interpreter and more. *Behavioral Health - Crisis Assessments, Inpatient Consultation, Outpatient Integration, and more.
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COVID-19 use cases:
EmOpti's solution has been deployed for both initial screening and rapid discharge of patients at the intake phase of emergency care, both in temporary tents and triage areas. When EDs or inpatient wards are separated into "hot zones" and "cold zones." EmOpti's virtual rounding technology can be used to assess patients with decreased exposure risk and decreased utilization of scarce PPE supplies. See webinar: How Two Leaders in Healthcare Prepared for COVID-19 and are Adapting to the New World https://www.emopti.com/covid19webinar-access
Patients, clinical staff, and providers.

Differentiators vs Internal Options:
Build vs. Buy: https://www.emopti.com/build-vs-buy-clip
Differentiators vs Competitors:
EmOpti: Many-to-Many Telehealth EmOpti was built specifically for high volume consults across multiple EDs with multiple remote providers. Zoom, Skype, etc: One-to-One Telehealth Built for meetings & low volume. Generic interface; centralized servers overwhelmed by typical customers holding web meetings; no queuing, routing or other features for supporting complex ED workflows Link for More: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/58811028c534a55c6e0ae8b5/t/5e7bcc4ce8992623b6cadd9d/1585171533275/Zoom+vs+EmOpti+Overview.pdf AWS "Select" Technology Partner
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Company information

Founded in 2015

7.4M total equity funding

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