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Prior Authorization

Prior Authorization

Prior Authorization

By Waystar

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Unlock your prior auth potential with AI and RPA
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There’s a wealth of powerful data within your EHR—you just need real-time insights and seamless integration to make it actionable. Our Prior Authorization solution, powered by Waystar’s Hubble: - Automatically verifies, initiates, statuses and retrieves comprehensive authorization details - Enables efficient, intelligent automation by initiating authorizations at twice the speed of manual processes - Integrates directly with all major HIS and PM systems - Provides end-to-end authorization platform, including authorizations submissions for unscheduled admissions, as well as auto-generating ABNs or Notice of Non-coverage forms for Medical Necessity - Adapts to constantly shifting payer rules and requirements - Was built and is maintained by our in-house team of experts
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Use cases

With over 300+ payers and a broad array of deployable service lines and patient types, we provide a full cycle automation solution for prior authorization: from pre-scheduled prior auth submission, status checking and denial prevention worklist alerts, as well as medical necessity verification and notification of admission.
Pre-service financial clearance teams, auth cert teams, any prior authorization staff doing medical necessity as well as authorization for services at acute care facilities or OP areas.

Differentiators vs EHR Functionality:
Many hospitals, health systems, and IDNs have invested in billion dollar EMR/EMRs which are an extraordinary vehicle for clinical and billing functions -- but lack the ability to elevate automation in key business areas such as prior authorization. This is due to their lack of payer connections and the absence of advanced intelligent software. Together, Waystar brings the intelligence that powers today's EMR/EHR platforms and automation efforts.
Differentiators vs Competitors:
With nearly a decade in the business of automating prior authorizations, we are known for our internal expertise when it comes to payers, process change, and technology. We believe pushing the envelope in know-how across all 3 is what gives our clients the edge on automation. With more payer connections, more relationships with payers, and greater flexibility in accessing payer data we can access the best and most timely data. We not only seamlessly integrate with EPIC but offer full-stack integration capabilities or a powerful stand-alone application -- all because each patient access team is different. And powered across our Hubble platform (a blend of RPA, machine learning, NLP, and advanced auth rules) we are well positioned to power your automated enterprise.
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