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Our proprietary machine learning–based technologies backed by our team of revenue cycle experts combine to create a single solution that performs RCM activities efficiently and accurately within your existing systems. It’s not just automation. It’s an entirely new approach.
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Acute care EMR, Ambulatory EMR, ADT, Access +/or revenue cycle

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Allscripts, Cerner, eClinicalWorks, Epic, Meditech

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The first Unified Automation solution built specifically for healthcare revenue cycle management. The brilliance of Unified Automation is not only its ability to observe actions, learn them, and perform them faster and more accurately than people. Unified Automation is especially brilliant because it is antifragile, which extends beyond simple resilience or robustness. Resilient systems resist variance and disorder and stay the same; an antifragile system thrives and improves as a result of that same variance and disorder. Combined with the expertise of our revenue cycle operations analysts, Unified Automation delivers unparalleled efficiency in RCM. Here’s how it works: OBSERVE We get a 360-degree view of your RCM processes. Our proprietary software gathers multi-modal data to capture work variations. LEARN Our team discretizes the data to train our machine-learning algorithm. Our algorithms then automatically construct complex flows that would be impossible to script by hand. Our model also identifies broken workflows and corrects them, often eliminating unnecessary work. PERFORM Our solution works 24/7 using the processes learned from your staff and automates full functions, quickly taking on new tasks over time. There’s no disruption to staff, no new software for your team to learn. If complexities arise, our inhouse team of RCM experts are notified to triage the problem and resolve in real-time while our solution learns from the actions they take. Your RCM operations continue uninterrupted. Continuous learning is built in, providing you with peace of mind, always.
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Use cases


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COVID-19 use cases:
How Do I Develop Staffing Flexibility To Accommodate Ongoing Volatility & Uncertainty? RCM leaders will continue to face unpredictable work volumes across the next 12 to 18 months as patients and procedures return in waves. These surges will likely be interrupted by localized outbreaks of the virus as social distancing guidelines ease. Given this volatile environment, traditional staffing approaches will leave organizations either understaffed or overstaffed. Leveraging automation will be critical in order to quickly scale output up or down as conditions demand.
Pediatric use cases:
We work for all revenue cycle departments, regardless of speciality or place of service.

Differentiators vs EHR Functionality:
Mitigate Financial Risk By Fundamentally Restructuring Operating Costs Health systems are preparing for a significant (and likely unfavorable) shift in payer mix. This transformation of the reimbursement landscape will accelerate and intensify existing efforts to not simply reduce, but dramatically restructure operating costs. By combining advanced machine learning technology and deep domain expertise, a Unified Automation approach enables RCM leaders to upgrade their organization to an entirely different cost structure.
Differentiators vs Competitors:
Unified Automation is a unique approach because it seamlessly blends human judgement and subject matter expertise with machine learning. Unified Automation is also antifragile. This means it extends beyond simple resilience or robustness. Resilient systems resist variance and disorder and stay the same; an antifragile system thrives and improves as a result of that same variance and disorder. Traditional revenue cycle vendors are focused on staff augmentation platforms that require intensive and continuous maintenance resulting in increased costs. These platforms do not significantly bend the cost curve when it comes to revenue cycle performance. Alpha Health is the only Unified Automation platform dedicated to revenue cycle. Hidden costs destroy restructuring efforts. At Alpha Health, our Unified Automation solution is purpose-built for the healthcare revenue cycle. We provide every component necessary to deploy and maintain automation in production. Coupled with our straightforward shared savings model, we can ensure transparent costs tied to real output and value. $3.41 hidden costs for every $1 spent on RPA Bot Creation and Maintenance. Alpha Health provides our clients a way to secure dramatic value with a new cost model. One with no surprises, transparent shared savings via Unified Automation While other automation solutions rely on armies of onsite consultants to shadow your staff, our deployment model has always been built on the mantra of “innovation without disruption.” This approach has always meant minimal in-person and onsite time, and we have completed entire end-to-end production deployments fully remotely.
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Founded in 2018

20.0M total equity funding

Select which hospital or health system you work at and see a personalized match score.

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