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mSafety - a platform consisting of a secure cloud backend solution with a purpose-built wearable. Together they form a ready-made platform upon which to build remote monitoring applications.
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A ready-made platform with connected wearable upon which mobile health service providers can build value-adding remote monitoring services. mSafety supports proactive health services for end-users, while delivering valuable data to the companies that deploy it.

mSafety consists of two main components: a wearable and a cloud backend. mSafety customers develop their own unique mHealth application to be embedded in the wearable, and connected to the backend solution.

  • The wearable is directly connected to the Internet without the need for pairing with a mobile phone. It features in-device sensors with algorithms to monitor activity, heart rate, sleep and stress, as well as a GPS for location tracking. In addition, it can be connected to external sensors via Bluetooth Low Energy or NFC. A global roaming profile ensures the wearable remains continuously connected in all environments.
  • The back-end provides the fundamental structures needed for mSafety wearables to interact with the customer’s cloud back-end servers in a secure and scalable way. It enables easy on-boarding of wearables and updating of software. In practice, an end user wears the mSafety device, which receives health data from a connected customer sensor. Information is displayed on the device and sent, end-to-end encrypted, to the customer’s backend - through the mSafety cloud backend.
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Use cases


Chronic health conditions

Monitoring of patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes, stroke, heart failure or arrhythmia, but also transplant patients, etc.

Elderly Care

Remote monitoring of seniors living at home

Clinical and pharmaceutical trials & studies

Monitoring participants’ compliance and responses to treatment; customize applications for trial protocols.

Hazardous and solitary workplaces

Keep employees safe in high-risk environments

Search & Rescue

Life-saving back-up services for outdoor sports enthusiasts



We sell to companies that provide mobile health & wellness services to their end users, e.g. patients with chronical illnesses, seniors living at home, or staff in remote or hazardous workplaces.


Differentiators vs Internal Options:

Want more details on the pro's and con's of building your service on a connectivity and hardware platform, vs. producing it all in house or via a variety of vendors? Fill in the form and get our briefing document

or contact msafety@sony.com.

Differentiators vs Competitors:

Full and exclusive ownership of data 

  • You are the owner and sole beneficiary of all the data you collect.
  • Harvest insights to improve existing or develop new services 
  • High level of data privacy for sensitive use cases e.g. medical

Security by design 

  • Security considered in every design decision
  • Secure way to bootstrap/start-up the wearable device
  • Only your apps can run on your device (every app signed by you)
  • Data transmitted to and from the app and the backend is secured and e2e encrypted

A versatile and practical solution

  • Global roaming profile and data subscription plan included
  • Devices shipped with your application embedded
  • Create your own ‘app store’ with as many apps as you want at no extra cost
  • Quick to implement and fully scalable
  • Easy fleet management, including FOTA-enabled software updates/upgrades
  • User data uploaded automatically, with LTE Cat-M1 
  • Bi-directional communication – from user to service provider and vice versa

Diversity, equity, and inclusion practices

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Select which hospital or health system you work at and see a personalized match score.

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