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Weight Management and Diabetes Prevention

Weight Management and Diabetes Prevention

Weight Management and Diabetes Prevention

By Livongo (Teladoc Health)

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Diabetes Prevention, Made Achievable. A fully CDC-recognized program that helps Members focus on lifestyle behavior change to prevent diabetes.
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Diabetes prevention, made achievable.

A fully CDC-recognized program that helps members focus on lifestyle behavior change to prevent diabetes. 

Weight management, made achievable.

An evidence-based program that helps members manage their weight by focusing on lifestyle behavior change.

Our data-driven approach for both offerings provides members with personalized, actionable and timely support to drive lasting outcomes. 

Effortless Data Collection

  • Cellular scale provides seamless weigh-ins
  • Food and activity tracking to understand lifestyle habits

Personalized Health Signals

  • Lessons provide evidence-based strategies for healthy living
  • Health challenges drive small changes for big wins

Human-centered Approach

  • 1:1 live coaching from Livongo expert coaches
  • Coach-led online meet-ups for support and accountability

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Founded in 2008

235.0M total equity funding


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