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uMed Platform

uMed Platform

uMed Platform

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The technology at the heart of a global research network
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uMed is a technology platform embedded across a global network of healthcare providers that automates the process of building prospective, protocolized patient registries. For providers, the platform enables sites to participate in dozen's of programs simultaneously without increasing overhead or burden on staff. For life science companies, uMed provides access to research-grade registry data, where patients within those datasets can be compliantly re-engaged.

Quick Facts:

  • The platform has been successfully utilized to increase diversity in the study populations
  • We ar currently in use in over 250 provider sites
  • uMed study enrollment rates - across all studies - is 10 - 12 percent.


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Use cases


The uMed platform automates the process of identifying, engaging, and consenting targeted cohorts for clinical studies and registries. uMed has the unique capability to combine health records, ePRO, and biomarker and genomics samples collected from the patient at home. uMed brings paid studies from life science organizations and other researchers to the heath system. No grants or RFP forms to fill out.

The uMed Platform is deployed within the provider environment which ensures that data never leave without the permission of the health system and consent of the patient. All outreach through the uMed platform is done on behalf of the patient's recognized provider.

The uMed platform uses clinical data extracts from the health system so EMR integrations are not required. The platform is free to the health system, and the health system may use the platform for its own or other 3rd party studies.

COVID-19 use cases:

uMed is looking for collaborators for a sponsored study that will evaluate the efficacy of anti-viral treatments post discharge for patients hospitalized with COVID-19 on functional status and quality of life.

Pediatric use cases:

The uMed platform is therapy and study agnostic. The uMed platform may be utilized for multiple purposes across a range of study activities, including those related to pediatrics.


uMed provides the platform to healthcare providers and life science organizations.


Differentiators vs Internal Options:

The uMed platform provides several benefits over existing internal solutions:

1) The uMed platform can identify study cohorts for the studies uMed brings to the health system, as well as internally-generated or 3rd party research studies. This capability greatly reduces the demands and burden on IT.

2) Once a study is approved, the uMed platform automatically engages patients via SMS or email, all on behalf of their recognized provider. The health system doesn't have to staff a team of nurses or enrollment specialists to "smile and dial" in order to notify, enroll, and consent patients into the study. It is all done automatically, through the uMed platform.

3) The uMed platform allows for the remote collection of ePRO as well as biomarker and 'omic samples. This frees up time for internal staff, frees up clinic space for other uses, and makes it easier for the patient to participate in studies without having to go to a physical location.

Differentiators vs Competitors:

uMed combines Real World Data with a mobile patient engagement platform to provide automated end-to-end non-interventional studies for our life science organization customers. Our competition generally falls into one of three groups: Real World Evidence vendors; decentralized clinical trials platforms; and service providers. Real World Evidence vendors support only trial feasibility and in some cases the ability for sites to identify eligible patients using their platform, but they do not engage with patients. DCT platforms can be powerful tools in the new remote trial paradigm, but they do not have access to patients and do not offer turnkey trial services. Finally, CRO’s provide trial services, but typically in a manually-intensive process that still relies on trial sites to identify and recruit patients. Only uMed combines all of this functionality in a proven, streamlined, automated platform that life science organizations call “a game changer.”

Company information

By uMed

Founded in 1970

$5.9 total equity funding

Select which hospital or health system you work at and see a personalized match score.

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