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Novel UV decontamination system takes 90 seconds without evacuating the room. Clinically validated with safety certifications. Targets mobile equipment like beds and WOWs
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The PURPLESUN E300 is a modular paneling system that creates a target zone for the purpose of disinfection of critical care equipment using 90 seconds of Focused Multivector Ultraviolet light technology. This is a mobile system that can be wheeled throughout different departments when needed and can provide rapid point of care decontamination without the need to evacuate or exit the room/area during use. This is the only system of its kind and offers complementary capabilities to any current UV disinfection program for healthcare facility. This solutions does not add turnover time and saves time and costs.
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Use cases

Operating Rooms Terminal Disinfection End of Day Operating Rooms in-between Cases Operating Rooms hallway for mobile equipment CCU hallway equipment full decontamination Transport teams for rapid decontamination of stretchers and beds Emergency department and Imaging equipment decontamination Dialysis start of day decontamination Select Time to Go-Live = 2 weeks
COVID-19 use cases:
The PurpleSun E300 was widely used in the NY metro area during the COVID-19 pandemic to decontaminate all mobile equipment hospital wide. Nurses, imaging technicians, transport teams and environmental services all used the system around the clock. Additionally, EMS groups would decontaminate their ambulance stretchers on the way out of the hospital and frequently visit in order to use the PurpleSunn system. Watch Staten Island University Medical Center https://youtu.be/UrHVP2d3zaQ Select Time to Go-Live = 2 weeks
Pediatric use cases:
NICU 90 second equipment decontamination prior to meeting patient Select Time to Go-Live = 2 weeks
Environmental services Nursing technicians Imaging technicians Patient transport technicians Select Time to Go-Live = 2 weeks

Differentiators vs EHR Functionality:
Published study shows manual-chemical disinfection is only 38% effective (see files attached) with PurpleSun FMUV you can enhance your quality and in a fraction of the time operationally and achieve 96%+ effectiveness to reduce risk and contamination challenges hospital wide.
Differentiators vs Competitors:
90 seconds and no need to evacuate room 99.99% + efficacy Certified Safe
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Founded in 2012

Select which hospital or health system you work at and see a personalized match score.

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