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Smart Entry

Smart Entry

Smart Entry

By care.ai

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The most broadly adopted AI-powered entry screening technology in the U.S.
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Protect your facility from infectious disease with contact-free entry screening and check-in. The care.ai™ solution screens every person who enters for skin temperatures that are out of normal range. It’s fast, easy and non-intrusive.
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Use cases


Vaccine and Symptom Attestation Before and Upon Arrival

Staff, visitors, and vendors can self-attest for symptoms before arriving at the facility. Upon arrival, they verify their identity at the AI-powered entry sensor, have their temperature scanned, and update their information if required. Organizations can manage, change, and publish screening workflows in real-time to comply with the ever-changing mandates and policies.

Tangible ROI with AutonomousEntry Screening

Automation of enterprise-wide entry screening protocols and monitoring in real-time with minimum manual intervention enables you to achieve significant ROI within a short amount of time. With the care.ai Command Center, access on-demand dynamic performance reports with the highest level of detail and accuracy for internal compliance and external auditors.

Track and Trace EveryoneInside Your Facility

care.ai's platform is healthcare's first and only fully-integrated solution that gives you facility-wide track and trace capability in a single Command Center. Enable your facility with unparalleled visibility to occupancy heatmaps, real-time patient-staffing ratio data, entry-exit counts, and contact tracing.

Know Current IPC StatusWithin Facility in Real-Time

With care.ai's Smart Entry solutions deployed, administrators and care team leaders can know the current IPC status within their facility at all times and get real-time insights into safety protocols like hand hygiene, PPE efficacy or any other custom processes your facility employs.

COVID-19 use cases:

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, best practices and new mandates require screening and tracking everyone in the care environment for symptoms as well as vaccination record, type and timing. With care.ai™ Smart Entry screening stations deployed, administrators and care team leaders can know the current Infection Prevention & Control status within their facilities at any time.


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Differentiators vs EHR Functionality:

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Differentiators vs Competitors:
  • Safe and Seamless ScreeningIdentifies and verifies employees using ID Badges, barcodes, or QR Codes while also scanning and capturing attestation and skin temperature.
    • Visitor Management 2.0Allows visitors to complete the check-in process in under a minute, capturing critical data such as photo, driver’s license, patient or employee being visited, and expected duration of the visit.
    • Employee Clock-In & Clock-outIntegrates with industry-leading scheduling and HR systems to bring live clock-in and clock-out capability, providing dynamic, real-time workforce management and optimization.
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Founded in 2018

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