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Marketing - Insights Accelerator

Marketing - Insights Accelerator

Marketing - Insights Accelerator

By PatientBond, Inc.

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The Insights Accelerator™ is an easy-to-use online interface for accessing and leveraging proprietary healthcare consumer research. It allows the user to define the patient type (age, gender, psychographic segment, health condition, etc.) and analyze a comprehensive list of attitudes and behaviors to deeply understand the needs of that patient type. The Insights Accelerator™ also includes geographic heatmaps by designated market area (DMA) down to the Census block group level, by psychographics, demographics and socioeconomics. Determine the right messaging, images and channel mix for game-changing effectiveness and cost efficiencies in marketing and patient engagement.
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Use cases

  • Identifying prime prospect healthcare consumers for marketing campaigns
  • Informing marketing strategies and campaigns with healthcare consumer insights to drive patient acquisition and loyalty
  • Geo-fencing and targeting healthcare consumer types and psychographic segments
COVID-19 use cases:

The Insights Accelerator includes data from two national market research studies on healthcare consumer attitudes and behaviors regarding COVID-19 and vaccinations


Differentiators vs Internal Options:

The Insights Accelerator houses years of market research and psychographic insights to motivate and activate desired patient behaviors. It addresses "why" patients do what they do and can guide hyper-targeting of marketing campaigns with its heatmapping capabilities.

Differentiators vs Competitors:

Only PatientBond has a proprietary psychographic segmentation model, which provides insights into why consumers make their healthcare decisions and how to influence their behaviors. The model was developed by healthcare consumer experts from P&G and proven in its applications in provider marketing.

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Company information

Founded in 2011

17.0M total equity funding

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