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Clinical Action Platform

Clinical Action Platform

Clinical Action Platform

By LookDeep Health

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Be Present for Every Patient at Every Moment
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The Clinical Action Platform is the first computer vision powered telemedicine platform for hospitals. It seeks to drive the cost of basic telemedicine to zero and create value through the solution's flexibility and AI insights. It consists of three components: Patient Central - Centrally monitor patients- early warning, virtual assessments, e-Sitting, eICU light, etc. Care Connect - Mobile connectivity for doctors, nurses and other care providers. Access AI observation of patients and instantly connect via realtime telemedicine. Family Care Connect - Share information with loved ones about what’s happening in the patient’s room and instantly connect for video visits.
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Use cases


LookDeep Clinical Action Platform serves to create one flexible platform for multiple video needs inside the hospital (in addition to AI patient monitoring). Supported Tele Use Cases Include Inpatient:

  • Tele Consult
  • e-Sitting
  • eICU (for the ICU or rest of the hospital)
  • Emergency Department (consults / admitted patients)
  • Family Connect (Video Visits)
  • Early Warning / Centralized Monitoring Teams

COVID-19 use cases:

COVID makes video in the hospital essential. The Clinical Action Platform makes inpatient video access seamless for care providers and allows family video access without burdening the clinical team - with zero additional hardware cost. In addition, the constant AI monitoring provides assistance to over capacity clinical teams by watching the patient when they can not.


Care Providers, e-Monitors (Sitters or Providers), Patient Family and Loved Ones


Differentiators vs EHR Functionality:

Flexibility, Capability and Time to Value. LookDeep can be up and running technically almost instantly and is regularily building and adding new capabilities that are available to the hospital without upgrades or IT intensive labor.

Differentiators vs Competitors:

LookDeep seeks to eliminate the hardware cost ($0 per room) to scale to every room in the hospital and charges based on usage - per patient per day.

In addition, no existing telemedicine platform embeds AI that actually helps monitor patients when a provider cannot be present.

The combination of ubiquitous low cost video for multiple inpatient use cases and a business model that only succeeds if it creates enough value for clinical care leads to long term alignment between the values of the hospital and LookDeep.

Company information

Founded in 2019

$4 total equity funding

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