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The Propeller Health Platform

The Propeller Health Platform

The Propeller Health Platform

By Propeller Health

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The Propeller digital health platform consists of inhaler sensors, a patient mobile app or web portal, a clinician portal for provider monitoring as well as support and coaching. These components seamlessly integrate with one another to improve outcomes for patients and healthcare providers. Learn more about each component of our platform below.

Inhaler Sensors: Propeller's sensors attach to patients’ existing inhalers and work with the majority of inhalers on the market. This includes sensors for MDI, Respimat®, Diskus®, Ellipta® and Symbicort® medications. Sensors automatically track how often patients use their medication and send audio reminders when it’s time to take a dose. 

Respimat is a registered trademark of Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Diskus and Ellipta are registered trademarks of the GlaxoSmithKline group of companies. Symbicort is a registered trademark of the AstraZeneca group of companies.

Mobile App & Web Portal: The inhaler sensors send information wirelessly to an app on the patient’s smartphone or to a web portal with their unique login. Over time, the app learns about their symptoms and medication use (including when, where and how often) and can help patients identify their triggers. In addition to monthly trend reports, the app also provides a daily outlook for patients to plan for the day (based on weather and air quality), personalized tips and education content to help them learn about and manage their condition.

Clinician Portal: Our Clinician Portal allows physicians and clinical staff to remotely monitor and view reports about patients’ rescue medication usage, adherence, symptoms and triggers as well as monthly Asthma Control Test (ACT) or COPD Assessment Test (CAT) scores. Providers can use this information to adjust treatment plans. Between visits, providers can choose to receive notifications when patients have not been compliant with controller medication or when rescue medication use increases significantly, helping them identify patients who are at a greater risk for an exacerbation. 

Patient and Provider Support: The Propeller platform also includes service and support from an international consumer experience team, such as on-call health coaching to support users through their clinical journey. From patient to provider inquiries, our support team is available to provide answers via phone, email or chat.

Propeller Health Solutions

Propeller configures its digital health platform to offer solutions that meet the specific needs of healthcare and life sciences partners in fee-for-service and value-based care settings. 

  • Independent physician groups: Enabling enhanced patient care through Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) programs for eligible chronic patients
  • Hospitals and health systems: Launching digital health programs in select clinics, populations or systemwide, or integrating into a service line/specialty for population health management
  • Payers and pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs): Integrating digital health programs into existing care management or population health initiatives 
  • Life science organizations: Integrating or co-packaging digital companion (sensor, app, support) with inhalers to support clinical trials, medication adherence, and other initiatives

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Use cases


Since day one, Propeller has focused on delivering outcomes. For more than 10 years, the effectiveness of Propeller has been demonstrated across diverse geographies, clinical settings and patient populations. Propeller has been utilized in 80+ commercial and research programs and clinical studies that included over 5,000 patients and resulted in over 45 peer-reviewed publications.

Our platform is clinically proven to improve patient outcomes:

  • Up to 58% improved medication adherence (Van Sickle et al. 2016, Eur Resp J)
  • Up to 78% less asthma-related rescue inhaler use (Barrett et al. 2018, Health Aff)
  • Up to 35% reduction in COPD-related healthcare utilization (Alshabani et al. 2019, J Telemedicine and Telecare)
  • Up to 57% reduction in asthma-related healthcare utilization (Merchant et al. 2018, World Allergy Organ J)

COVID-19 use cases:

Propeller observed that its platform users had a 14.5% relative increase in adherence to controller inhalers at the start of the pandemic and the initial increase in adherence persisted throughout 2020. In a user survey with almost 600 respondents, most reported enhanced value in Propeller’s medication reminders during the pandemic, and appreciated Propeller’s respiratory-specific COVID-19 communications.

Pediatric use cases:

Propeller has participated in a variety of pediatric asthma program types, from high-touch clinical interventions to real world, practice-based programs. Our platform is clinically proven to reduce rescue inhaler use by 75%* and reduce symptoms and exacerbations among pediatric users**.

* Carl et al. 2018, American Thoracic Society

** Lin et al. 2020, Pediatric Pulmonology


Patients, caregivers of patients and clinicians


Differentiators vs Internal Options:

To learn about how Propeller differentiates from other options in this space, please reach out to partnerships@propellerhealth.com.

Differentiators vs Competitors:

Propeller’s FDA-cleared digital health platform includes medical devices, consumer apps and access to clinical data for provider monitoring throughout the care journey. We stand apart from others in this industry because: 

- Our platform is used by a broad spectrum of patients from pediatric (asthma) to elderly (COPD), including underserved and difficult to engage populations (Medicaid, Medicare). 

- We have unique experience partnering and creating value for stakeholders across the health ecosystem: independent clinics, hospitals & health systems, payers, PBMs, pharmaceutical companies as well as patients and clinicians. 

- We have a history of delivering outcomes (quality of life, clinical, financial), essential for value based care pathways.

- Our platform engages patients with COPD earlier in their care during stages 1 and 2, while serving patients in later stages 3 and 4 through our parent company’s solutions (ResMed).

For more information on how Propeller differentiates from others in this space, please reach out to partnerships@propellerhealth.com.

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Founded in 2007

69.9M total equity funding

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