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Edamam Food and Nutrition Data APIs (three APIs)

Edamam Food and Nutrition Data APIs (three APIs)

Edamam Food and Nutrition Data APIs (three APIs)

By Edamam

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Edamam Nutrition Data APIs Edamam's APIs offer real-time nutrition data solutions for businesses in the food, health, and wellness sectors: The Nutrition Analysis API provides real-time, highly accurate nutrient and diet analysis of any recipe or ingredient list, leveraging proprietary natural language understanding algorithms for the food domain. The Food Database API allows look up of nutrient, diet, and allergen data for grocery, restaurant and commonly eaten foods and meals. The Recipe Search API allows discovery of recipes that feed particular diet, allergen, nutrient or ingredient needs. $49 Edamam's APIs are built on top of the world's largest database of food and nutrition data with over 5 million recipes and close 1 million foods, analyzed and tagged for every nutrient, allergen, lifestyle diet, and chronic condition. Edamam's proprietary algorithms have allowed it to create original nutrition data and analysis, which matches human nutritionists in its accuracy. Edamam is trusted and serves its data to leading companies and brands, such as Nestle, Amazon, Food Network, Microsoft, New York Times, Barilla and many more.
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Use cases


Condition driven personalized meal recommendations and diet management.

Clients such as Virta Health, Twin Health, and FoodSmart prepare meal plans and diet management solutions for their clients, typically driven by a chronic condition need (e.g., Type 2 diabetes).

Edamam provides the underlying food, nutrition, and recipe data and content to make personalized meal planning possible. Edamam has a database of 5 million recipes and 1 million foods analyzed and tagged for every nutrient, allergen, lifestyle diet, and chronic condition. It offers this data via API or as licensed data.

Customers then use the data to either create real-time meal recommendations or build preprepared meal plans.


Differentiators vs Internal Options:

Edamam offers breadth, depth and accuracy of food and nutrition data that are not available and are expensive to build internally. Because of the breadth and depth, Edamam can offer significant granularity in creating meal personalization, which is hard to achieve with the few meals tagged for a few diets or nutrients normally found internally.

Differentiators vs Competitors:

Edamam stands out from the competition in three areas:

  • Breadth of data -- over 5 million recipes and 1 million foods
  • Depth of Data -- each food and meal are analyzed and tagged for 170 nutrients, all allergens, 40+ diets and 200+ chronic conditions, as well as meal type, dish, type, cuisine, immunity response, glycemic index, etc.
  • Accuracy -- Edamam's accuaracy matches that of an experienced human nutritionist

Some Edamam competitors have breadth, but no depth and accuracy, others offer accuracy but at a very high price point and no breadth.

Company information

Founded in 2011

4.2M total equity funding


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