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360 Digital Health Logistics

360 Digital Health Logistics

360 Digital Health Logistics

By Medioh

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Digital Health Enablement

Medioh offers full-circle logistics, asset management, and patient engagement support for organizations engaging in new models of care. 

We partner with leading providers to scale solutions in our ultimate mission to build more sustainable healthcare systems. 

  • Medioh manages the entire lifecycle of digital health / remote patient monitoring (RPM) technologies, devices, and assets, as well as patient experience with them. 

  • We support patients every step of the way in their remote care journey, so that tech issues and onboarding don't get in the way of patients getting on board with their programs. 

  • Medioh's solutions are vendor and device agnostic, allowing providers to focus on care, instead of technology and logistics.

  • From procurement and system integration to shipping, asset management and patient support, we ensure safety, quality, and patient / member experience are never sacrificed for volume.

Medioh’s solutions are fully compliant with all FDA, ISO, HIPAA, and Canada Health requirements for data security and patient health information privacy.

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Differentiators vs EHR Functionality:

Differentiators from Internal Solutions:

  • Economies of scale on shipping and logistics
  • Established quality systems based on ISO 13485, FDA regulatory compliance, proven processes.
  • Inventory / Warehousing / Fulfilment capacity and strategic regional facilities
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Enhanced patient engagement and experience
  • Proven cost savings relative to in-house options
Differentiators vs Competitors:


  • Economies of scale on shipping and logistics
  • North American coverage to maximize efficiency and minimize shipping costs (our fulfilment facilities provide coast to coast coverage)
  • Mature ISO 13845-based quality systems and full regulatory compliance.
  • Medioh is a certified FDA repackager / relabeler.
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Founded in 1970


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