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Avel eCare Emergency

Avel eCare Emergency

Avel eCare Emergency

By Avera eCare

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Expand the ability of your emergency department to respond to immediate and/or multiple unfolding situations with 24/7 access to board-certified emergency medicine physicians and nurses.

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In emergency situations such as stroke, heart attack, trauma, or serious injury, every second counts. Since the launch of Avel eCare Emergency in 2009, board-certified ER physicians have delivered immediate, supportive care to emergency departments at over 200 hospitals across the country. These facilities partner with Avel eCare Emergency for a fast response and quick specialty intervention to help their patients achieve better outcomes and avoid unnecessary transfers, reduce costs and support staff.

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Use cases


Avel eCare Emergency services are ideal for critical access hospitals, community and regional hospitals, health systems, long-term care and correctional facilities. You can also customize the amount of support you receive based on your facility’s needs.

Our team stands ready to respond immediately and provide as much or as little support as you require for services such as:

  • Complex emergency cases
  • Immediate medical direction
  • Ordering diagnostic testing while waiting for the bedside provider to arrive
  • Expediting air ambulance
  • Nursing documentation
  • Emergency specialty consults

Whether the situation requires transfer arrangements, triage or life-saving measures, we provide the expert support that helps your staff keep their heads and hands in direct patient contact.


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Avel eCare Emergency customers benefit in the following ways:

  • Avoiding costly transfers and retain revenues in your facility
  • Enhancing emergency care in the local community
  • Improving the ability to recruit and retain top-quality medical staff
  • Improving quality of care, performance on nationally reported metrics and adherence with evidence-based medicine
  • Participating in live, monthly education events. These events are tailored to the requests of our rural emergency room partners. CNEs, CEUs, CMEs are also available as a growing library of taped events
  • Transferring the right patients faster and more easily

Learn more by watching testimonials and reading what some of our Avel eCare Emergency clients have to say.

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Founded in 1970

Select which hospital or health system you work at and see a personalized match score.

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