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Interactive Campaigns

Interactive Campaigns

Interactive Campaigns

By Steer Health

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Send out reminders, marketing, campaigns, or even regular updates.

  • Send personalized campaigns to your patients using easy to configure templates and get patients to act on their care gaps.
  • Engage your patients in between the visits in a convenient and proactive manner, so your customers will think you can read minds.
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Desktop, Mobile / Tablet (web optimized)


Steer Health's interactive campaigns are an easy way to reach out to your patients based on a number of targeting options and then interact with them via email, SMS or voice through the Patient Communications Hub directly on the platform.

  • Reach Patients Through Multiple Channels: With Steer’s interactive campaigns, you can send messages, images, registration links and more via email & SMS, or send out a simple voice message instead.
  • Customizable Audience: Select your audience based on age range, pending AWV, appointment date, or even based on whether they have a balance due. Choosing an audience is highly customizable, giving you the flexibility to send out bulk content with just a few clicks.
  • Duplicate and Send: If you like the way a campaign has worked for you, replicate its content and audiences and run tests. Steer Health simplifies the process by providing you with easy-to-use features to duplicate campaigns and change what you don’t want.
  • Care Gap Reminders: Interactive campaigns are a great way to reach out to patients and remind them that you care. Choose from the audience targeting options or upload a customized list of patients.
  • Balance Due Notifications: Use the interactive campaign feature not only to send out AWV reminders and care gap notifications, but also to reach out to patients with an outstanding balance easily with the help of the audience targeting options.
  • Completely Interactive: When a patient responds to your campaign messaging, you can respond to them directly through the Patient Communication Hub - Interact with your patient via any channel from one place on the platform.
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Integrated Modern Communication Tools

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Founded in 1970

Select which hospital or health system you work at and see a personalized match score.

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