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NICUtrition Tier 1: Initial Insights

NICUtrition Tier 1: Initial Insights

NICUtrition Tier 1: Initial Insights

By Astarte Medical

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NICUtrition® “Initial Insights” provides both a retrospective review and ongoing monitoring of delivered feedings, growth metrics, milestones and patient outcomes.
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Initial Insights is the first tier offering of the NICUtrition® platform. It provides the ability for a hospital to track key performance measures across the neonatal intensive care unit in a retrospective or prospective report. With a one-time data extract from a hospital’s EMR, including (up to) 5 years of historical information around feeding, growth and diagnoses, our Initial Insights reports will show milestones with 'smart' growth charts and z-scores and an outcomes analysis for the feeding and growth data collected at the individual patient and unit levels. Additionally, with EMR integration, Initial Insights is provided to the hospital via real-time access for ongoing analytics.
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Use cases


Planning for rounds - addressing burnout

Pediatric use cases:

This platform is for use in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for preterm infants born under 34 weeks gestational age. 


Neonatologists, NNPs, RDNs, NICU directors, NICU nurse managers, clinical researchers.


Differentiators vs Internal Options:
EMRs were built as billing support tools and evolved into medical data repositories. Nuanced data of clinical importance can be difficult to access and currently requires dedicated technical personnel with specific skills to partner with clinical staff in a laborious approach to extract specific data. In particular, flow sheets utilized in an intensive care setting, such as the NICU, are particularly challenging to access and review in a structured format. NICUtrition Initial Insights was built to liberate NICU feeding, growth and diagnosis data from EMRs and provide robust visualizations showing patient milestones and outcomes metrics.
Differentiators vs Competitors:

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Company information

Founded in 2016

8.5M total equity funding

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