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Kaia Health Virtual MSK Solution

Kaia Health Virtual MSK Solution

Kaia Health Virtual MSK Solution

By Kaia Health

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Kaia’s solution digitizes multimodal pain therapy, and comes with our built-in AI Motion Coach, which makes users feel like they “have access to a physical therapist 24 hours per day
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At Kaia Health, we are solving four of healthcare's largest challenges - care access, quality, affordability, and equity - by delivering effective therapies through smartphones patients already own. A trusted solution built on rigorous clinical evidence, our digital musculoskeletal program uses motion analysis technology to offer 24/7 exercise feedback, resulting in a compliance rate ~3x higher than standard physical therapy. Our holistic program is based on multimodal pain therapy, which focuses on exercise therapy, mental and behavioral health support, and pain education. This involves our clinically validated motion analysis technology, as well as a personalized program of guided meditation sessions, relaxation exercises and educational readings. Patients are also supported through 1:1 health coaching and tele-PT consultations, while the program is dynamically adjusted through Kaia Gateway, which monitors and connects them to provider care if needed. The Kaia program is available on-demand through a mobile app, providing evidence-based care for preventative, acute, chronic and pre-/post-surgical MSK needs across the full body and all joints.

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Use cases


Kaia Health provides virtual musculoskeletal care through a multimodal mind-body therapy for patients experiencing chronic, acute, preventative or pre-/post-surgical MSK conditions and covers the full body and all joints, delivered conveniently through a mobile app on the user's own smartphone or tablet. Patients can use the Kaia program at home or at work, with on-demand and 24/7 program access.

COVID-19 use cases:

Due to the impact of COVID-19 and the strain it has put on healthcare providers and resources, access to timely and high-quality MSK care has been limited for many patients. Kaia Health delivers virtual, on-demand MSK care that is available anywhere and anytime, offering patients accessible care in this difficult time.

Pediatric use cases:

Adolescents between the age of 13-18 may also participate in the Kaia Health program following parental consent and an attestation that they meet the health requirements for using Kaia. Further development and evidence generation for Kaia's pediatric applications are in progress.


Adults over the age of 18 and adolescents between the age of 13-18 who are:

  1. Experiencing chronic or acute musculoskeletal pain in the back, hip, knee, neck, shoulder, hand, wrist, elbow, ankle or foot
  2. Seeking preventative care for musculoskeletal conditions
  3. Seeking surgical care before or after a musculoskeletal procedure

Differentiators vs EHR Functionality:

Compared to traditional care models, Kaia Health improves musculoskeletal care across four key verticals: care access, quality, affordability and equity. Currently, only 2% of patients have access to gold standard musculoskeletal care, often resorting to costly procedures such as surgery and injections. We help the other 98% access high quality care anytime and anywhere. Our virtual physical therapy program reports compliance rates three times higher than regular physical therapy, resulting in up to 80% cost reduction compared to traditional treatments. In addition, we ensure care quality and care consistency throughout the program. Using our proprietary motion analysis technology, we ensure that patients perform each and every exercise safely and effectively around the clock, delivering superior outcomes across physical and mental wellbeing. Unlike care management software or EMRs, Kaia Health is not only delivering a customized and multimodal rehabilitation program, but also supporting patients with real-time instructions and corrective feedback around the clock, while facilitating remote functional assessments for care teams. By combining cutting edge technology with human care, Kaia Health provides musculoskeletal care at scale to drive superior outcomes for patients.

Differentiators vs Competitors:

Unlike care management software or EMRs, Kaia Health is not only delivering a customized and multimodal rehabilitation program, but also supporting patients with real-time instructions and corrective feedback around the clock, while facilitating remote functional assessments for care teams.


Solutions similar to Kaia Health often rely on a sensor-based system of wearable sensors, straps and tablets to provide exercise guidance and feedback, which is inconvenient to transport, put on and use. This is especially challenging for members with high BMI or low mobility, where discomfort or complexity is a high barrier to engagement. In contrast, Kaia Health 's sensor-free solution runs on each member's own device, is easy and engaging to use, and is accessible across dispersed member populations. Sensor-based feedback is also inconsistent and limited to one joint at a time, while Kaia Health's motion analysis technology provides physical therapy-grade and full-body exercise guidance, which was validated in a recent clinical trial. Kaia Health's motion analysis addresses exercise form and posture issues, while enabling range of motion and functional ability assessments, to ensure safety and effectiveness.


In addition, other solutions are often centered around tele-consultations with PTs for therapy personalization and success, requiring significant lift from members in scheduling appointments while adding unnecessary overhead costs. In comparison, Kaia Gateway feature uses a hybrid approach of algorithmic care monitoring and human care team support to always deliver the right care at the right time, personalizing care for the member while driving down unnecessary costs.


Lastly, other solutions often only address the physical aspect of musculoskeletal care, but Kaia Health addresses the whole biopsychosocial nature of pain, which requires multimodal interventions that incorporate mental and behavioral health support, pain education and health coaching.

Company information

Founded in 2016

123.0M total equity funding


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