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ExplORer Surgical Solution

ExplORer Surgical Solution

ExplORer Surgical Solution

By ExplORer Surgical

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EHR integration



EMR Integration & Relevant Hardware:

Use case dependent

EMRs Supported:

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Hardware Compatibility:

Desktop, Mobile / Tablet (web optimized), Mobile / Tablet (native app)


Together, we custom build a digital playbook for your procedure with step-by-step, role-specific, visual instructions for every member of the surgical team. Our custom-built interfaces also allow you to collect the intra-operative data you need to support and grow your business. ExplORer Surgical's TOTAL Solution is also built for a COVID-19 world. Our HIPAA-compliant two-way audio video connects the procedure room to experts anywhere in the world through your existing equipment. Through our mobile app, users can observe a live case and provide audio and visual support through our on-screen annotation capabilities.
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Use cases

COVID-19 use cases:
ExplORer Surgical's TOTAL Solution addresses the limited access to procedure suites, by providing remote audio and visual connectivity to the procedure room. Our live, on-screen annotation capabilities allow you to communicate non-verbally as if you are there in person.
Pediatric use cases:
Our solution works extends to procedures for patients of all ages and conditions.
Medical device companies and surgical teams

Differentiators vs Internal Options:

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Differentiators vs Competitors:
ExplORer is the only cloud-based solution that provides remote video support, collects detailed data and provides a digitized playbook for every step of the procedure.
Company information

Founded in 2015

11.8M total equity funding

Select which hospital or health system you work at and see a personalized match score.

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