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Pollie PCOS Program

Pollie PCOS Program

Pollie PCOS Program

By Pollie

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Pollie's flagship PCOS Program is in pilot mode. This 8 week program provides a holistic PCOS management experience for members. The program includes detailed labs, supportive care teams, a personalized PCOS Plan, and curated educational materials as a means to streamline each member's hormonal health journey.
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OBGYNs, PCPs, REIs / endocrinologists, and dermatologists frequently see PCOS patients. While conventional treatments can alleviate symptoms for some people (e.g., hormonal birth control, metformin) MDs do not have the time or expertise required to coach patients through the behavior change necessary to learning how to properly manage a chronic condition. By supplementing OBGYN, PCP, and other physicians' care, Pollie is a complementary solution for many offices and health systems.


Differentiators vs Internal Options:

The status quo PCOS patient experience is convoluted. Diagnosis takes 2-3 years on average and even once diagnosed, patients have a fragmented experience of being treated for discrete issues by their OBGYN (e.g., irregular periods --> hormonal birth control), endocrinologist (e.g., weight / insulin resistance problems --> metformin), dermatologist (e.g., hair and skin issues --> spiro). This takes time and provides many opportunities for information to slip through the cracks.

By centralizing PCOS care in a behavior change-first way, Pollie is redefining this patient experience. Like the Livongos and Omadas of the world have done in the diabetes and general chronic disease management space, we are empowering patients (in a scalable, cost-effective way) to take control of their own health.

Differentiators vs Competitors:
  • On-demand women's health (e.g., Maven, Nurx, Rory): These players are great sources to go to if someone needs a quick UTI or birth control prescription. But, they do not provide the day-to-day support necessary for learning how to manage a chronic illness. They are more competitive with larger telehealth players (e.g. Teladoc) as well as urgent care clinics and doctor's offices.
  • Integrative primary care clinics (e.g., Tia): While patients an receive a PCOS diagnosis at these competitors, they lack scalable programs to help their patients manage these conditions. The post-diagnosis experience is quite similar to what it would be at a legacy physician office.
  • Other early hormonal health players (e.g., Allara, Paloma): While these players are great validation that now is the time to disrupt hormonal health, they are not taking a programmatic approach. More so creating a Rory / Hers experience (e.g. quick meds and provider consults if desired), just targeted at PCOS.
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